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  • Teaching A Healthy Cooking Class

    Monday, August 13, 2012

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    OK, so whenever anyone asks me what my ‘dream job’ is, I always answer, without reservation or hesitation, that I would love to host my own healthy cooking show. I picture it as a kooky mix of Julia Child meets Lucille Ball meets Wonder Woman. (not sure what Wonder Woman really has to do with cooking….but it just feels right…as for Lucille Ball, well that should be obvious :)).

    Well, if any of you are in the Portland, Oregon area, I will be teaching my first healthy cooking class at one of my favorite places to shop: Chuck’s Produce in Vancouver, WA. While the class will not be broadcast (or even taped for that matter), I consider this my initial step in bringing my healthy cooking ‘show’ to the world!

    The class is called “healthy sides and dessert for your labor day BBQ” and will feature a roasted chickpea and tomato salad, a tabouli-insired quinoa salad and my berry and yogurt parfaits. I will  be sure to post the salad recipes after the class.

    I hope to see you there on Wednesday, August 22 from 3:30-5:00 pm.

    Teaching A Healthy Cooking Class

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