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  • Recipe Roundup: Fourth of July Bash: Feeding Guests With Dietary Restrictions

    Friday, July 4, 2014

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    How is it possible that July 4th is just around the corner? Seriously, it sneaks up on me every year…which means I am often caught unprepared for the eating extravaganza that the holiday brings–especially when it comes to feeding my vegetarian, gluten free, nut free (fill in any food allergy or dietary restriction here…) friends.

    So this year, I called for help

    After putting an  SOS out to the talented bloggers in my (admittedly small but super-awesome) circle of blogger friends and colleagues, it seems my challenge now is deciding what to make (hey, if I’m going to go out on a limb and tackle Vegan Gluten Free Hamburger Buns….(seriously…homemade hamburger buns…I mean COME ON)…I’m going to have to admit my limitations).

    First up, Shredded Root Salad Yucatan Style from Fabiola over at Not Just Baked. Fabi is a classically trained baker who just so happens to be able to rock “real food”, too. We met through mutual (blogger) friends and I was instantly drawn to her warm demeanor and, well, realness. When she recently asked her friends and followers to make requests for recipes we’d like her to come up with, I tossed out “creative salads”. (Oh my…I just realized my little pun there. I kinda like it, so it’s staying :)). I have to admit, my heart leaped a little when I laid eyes on this amazing looking salad. I think it would be the perfect (allergy-free) addition to a cook-out (or BBQ depending on where you come from).


    So, how many of you know how ubiquitous gluten is in packaged BBQ sauce? Seriously, it’s in just about every mainstream brand on the market. Fortunately, it’s one of those things that everyone should make homemade; not only is it simple, it’s also way more yummy–and you can customize it to your taste and whim.

    Dr. Jean Layton over at Gluten-Free Doctor offered up her recipe for (you guessed it) Gluten Free BBQ Sauce (incidentally it’s also sugar free, which helps to make it even better than store-bought sauces). It’s easy to whip up and your GF friends will thank you for welcoming them to a table full of beautiful BBQ chicken.

    Also from Gluten Free Doctor, this amazing-looking Vegan Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream. Looks so yummy, you might see your vegan and dairy-eating friends break out in an arm wrestling match over who gets to eat the last scoop!

    Next up, a Sunny Summer Quinoa Salad from Maria over at Pinot Mom. I met Maria at my first-ever food blogger conference a few years back. She and I bonded over happy hour in the hotel bar at the end of our first (kind of exhausting but completely exhilarating) first day. While we were happy to connect over our shared newness to the blogging world, what really sealed the deal was our exchanging of tips and challenges of life with naturally curly hair. Of course the fact that she help runs a winery in Oregon’s fantasy-like Willamette Valley made her even more fun to talk to (if that was even possible!). If you’ve never made a quinoa salad (great for your gluten free and vegetarian/vegan friends), I think you’ll be surprised at how delicious (and simple) it is.

    OK, so I’m not sure how this next recipe addresses the topic of this post. Maybe you have a friend who’s allergic to, oh I don’t know, parties that aren’t fun? Truth is I couldn’t possibly write this post without featuring a homemade cocktail recipe from my friend Marisa over at Margaritas in The Rain. And because, well…margaritas…

    fresh margaritas

    I met Marisa at the same blogger conference I met Maria at (pretty sure the best think I took away from that event were the friends I made). Marisa is a force to be reckoned with as she bakes, cooks an cocktail-mixes her way around her blog. After growing up in Hawaii, Marisa moved to the Pacific Northwest…imagine the shock and awe of leaving the land of perpetual sun and settling in the land of, well…you get the picture. In order to cope, Marisa drinks. I’m kidding. She cooks, explores and shares her adventures and insight on her blog…and she’ll have you wondering why you’ve never made a homemade margarita until now.

    Finally, no cook out is complete (especially one celebrating the Forth of July) without pie, and here is a great recipe for Easy Cherry Pie from my friend Brandie over at Spoon and Saucer (oh Brandie, you had me at “cherry pie”…and “easy”).

    Brandie is all about real food, prepared simply and enjoyed completely. What I love most about her approach to healthy eating and cooking is that she’s not one of those people who gives you that judgmental sideways glance as you stuff a cookie in your face. Girl’s gotta live, after all! This pie is a great example of her real-food (and real-life) approach to cooking. It’s super simple and, with a gluten free crust, a perfect treat to serve your (sad) friends who seem to always have to skip dessert at these big shindigs.

    There you have it, some great recipe ideas for feeding your allergy and dietary-restriction friends all summer long.

    Still craving more inspiration? Here are a few additional recipes to consider:

    Raspberry pie from the Curried Nut 

    Chilled Avocado Soup, Prepared Two Ways from Chocolate and Marrow

    And a few from me:

    Haricot Verts with Key Lime Butter

    Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

    Berries with Hibiscus Infused Whipped Cream

    Happy Forth of July!

    Recipe Roundup: Fourth of July Bash: Feeding Guests With Dietary Restrictions

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