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  • {Recipe Redux} Magical Curry Spiced Popped Sorghum

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015

    Curry Spiced Popped Sorghum Gluten Free Corn Free Snack
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    OK, so I had a bag of sorghum hanging out in my pantry. I can’t quite recall how I acquired it, though I’m pretty sure it was probably on one of my frequent culinary whims. I imagine I had big plans for this little bag of grain at some point and got distracted by another intriguing ingredient and totally forgot about this little product hiding out in the deep dark corner of my cupboard.

    Enter this month’s Recipe Redux challenge to use an ingredient (or ingredients) that are just hanging around the kitchen, patiently awaiting its turn in the spotlight. You know, sort of like your middle sister…always there, but somehow always faded into the background while the popular older sister gets all of the attention (I’m talking to you, Quinoa….and Rebecca) and your younger, more fun sister goes to all the parties (…hmm…I don’t have a cooking analogy for this one…you get the picture).

    Sorgum, whole grain, gluten and corn free

    Chances are you haven’t heard a lot about sorghum. Native to Africa, sorghum is a tiny, nutty tasting whole grain that’s gluten free and has a wonderfully chewy firm texture when cooked. It’s full of fiber and antioxidants and provides a satisfying heartiness to salads.  It’s also great for breakfast with a bit of coconut milk, fresh fruit, pistachios and a touch of coconut sugar or honey. Turns out, you can also pop the stuff, a perfect little treat for the corn-allergic among us. Even better, it’s much more forgiving on on the mouth, great news for anyone with gums.

    I decided on a popped sweet-spicy-salty snack because, well, honestly, I was feeling a little lazy and couldn’t wait for the nearly 60-minute cooking time it would take to make one of my favorite salads (I’ll post that one later, I promise). This little number took all of 5 minutes to whip up and is a perfect mid-day snack or TV nosh. A couple of things to keep in mind. First, the grain  is tiny, which means the popped outcome is also tiny. You’ll want to be careful here–don’t make up for size with quantity, 1/4 cup of the un-popped grain has around 180 calories, so you’d need a lot of this stuff to make a big-ole bowl for movie-watching. Stick with popcorn for those Game of Thrones binge watches. As with microwaving popcorn, you’ll want to stand by and listen for when the popping slows to every 3 second or so. Burnt sorghum smells just as bad as popcorn, and lingers in the air for days.

    The taste of popped sorghum is really mild, a little nutty, and the perfect foundation for adding flavor. This one has lots of warming Indian spice with a hint of sweetness. It’s great as a garnish on soup and salad and as a bar snack with a gin & tonic.

    Curry Spiced Popped Sorghum. Gluten and corn free healthy snack

    Tiny little grains become

    Sorghum grains

    Tiny little popped kernels ….

    Popped sorghum, Whole grain gluten and corn free snack

    {Recipe Redux} Magical Curry Spiced Popped Sorghum

    servings: 1 | time: about 5 minutes

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    1/4 cup sorghum

    1/8 tsp. cinnamon

    1/4 tsp. salt

    1/4 tsp. tumeric

    1/4 tsp. garam masala

    1 tsp. coconut sugar

    pinch each cardamom and cayenne

    1 tsp. coconut oil, melted

    2 TBSP. coconut chips


    1. Place all of the ingredients except the coconut chips into a small paper bag. Shake well to coat the grain with all of the spices

    2. Fold bag closed and place in microwave, folded side down. Set the microwave to 5 minutes (time will vary, depending on your microwave. mine is 1400 watts, so it popped really fast)

    3. Once you hit start, don’t walk away! Once the popping starts, listed for when the pops start to occur about 3-5 second apart. Once the popping slows, remove from  microwave, add the coconut chips and shake the bag well to get everything coated evenly.

    Popped sorghum can be stored in an airtight container for 3 days.

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    8 responses to “{Recipe Redux} Magical Curry Spiced Popped Sorghum”

    1. I’ve been wanting to work with sorghum for awhile now – I didn’t know you could pop it (I’ve done it with amaranth so it must be similar.)

    2. Serena says:

      What a cook trick! I’ve heard you could pop sorghum – but never tried it. Big bonus the cooking time is so much shorter. Great seasonings!

      • Thanks Serena…the flavors were really fun to play with (and, after initially trying the recipe on the stove top, the microwave was a revelation!). I totally burned the first couple of batches (which made my place smell like a curry bonfire for days!!).

    3. sarah grace says:

      So fun! I have used sorghum flour but never this little popped grain 🙂 Isn’t it the truth though that we have these grand ideas at some point for our purchases..and then completely forget about using it!
      xoxo Sarah Grace, Fresh Fit N Healthy.

      • @Sarah—that’s the truth! I probably could forego grocery shopping for a couple of weeks and still find plenty of stuff in my kitchen to cook with (but, were would the fun be in that? :))

    4. Woah!! Mind is seriously blown…I had no idea you could make popped “sorghum” like corn!! This looks soooo good 🙂

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