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  • {Recipe Redux} Herbs de Provence Salad Dressing

    Thursday, May 21, 2015

    DIY salad dressing and vinaigrette
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    You know, I don’t thank Regan Jones over at Recipe Redux for providing the perfect reason to share a recipe I’ve been meaning to nearly as often as I should. So, this month…thank you Regan for the May DIY kitchen essentials challenge. I couldn’t wait to share preach about not outsourcing one of the simplest things anyone can make at home.

    I’m talking salad dressing people (or vinaigrette if you’re super-fancy).

    There are some things that totally make sense to outsource. You know, like making  clothes, building a house, or baking the gluten-nut-sugar-and-grain-free cupcakes for yet another kid birthday celebration at school. Seriously, it’s Tuesday night, who has time for that? My general rule of thumb–the more complex the product is or disinterested you are in actually wanting to make it, it’s better to leave it up to the professionals.

    Trust me, once you’ve made homemade dressing you will wonder what you were thinking just mindlessly grabbing some run-of-the-mill stuff off a grocery shelf. And, here’s the thing, any bottled dressing you can think of you can absolutely make at home. Quickly and easily.

    So, where to begin your salad dressing making adventure? First, determine what your dressing style is (don’t worry, this won’t require you to take one of those “what kind of salad dressing are you” Facebook surveys). As for me, I’m a vinaigrette girl, the more lemony and herbaceous the better. If you’re feeling like creamy is more your style, come up with a couple of favorites and Google away. You may be shocked by how many versions of homemade ranch dressing exist, and that’s the best part. Once you’ve experimented with (and perfected) a couple of recipes, your next step is to play around with them to see what suits your taste.

    DIY salad dressing and vinaigrette

    Its customization at its best tastiest.

    This recipe is my all-time favorite. It hits all of my vinaigrette requirements–it’s tangy, lemony, herbal and versatile. It’s my go-to for Greek salad and is perfect for a bowlful of fresh summer tomatoes and cucumbers. The ingredients are all easy to get your hands on, in fact, you may already have all of them on-hand.

    The process for making a vinaigrette is pretty universal. Get all of the ingredients except the oil together in a large bowl then slowly drizzle the oil in, whisking the whole time, to emulsify the mixture. Simple as that.

    A couple of notes for this dressing. First, start with the best extra virgin olive oil you can find. If you have never participated in an olive oil tasting event, seek one out. It’s mind blowing how different olive oils taste based on things like the region the olives come from, the blend of olives, the processing of the oil, etc. Next, because this recipe incorporates dried herbs, you’ll want to make it at least an hour ahead to allow the flavors to come together. Lastly, use a light vinegar such as champagne, red wine or even a basic white vinegar.

    I hope you’ll kick store-bought salad dressing to the curb once you’ve discovered just how easy (and delicious) DIY can be!

    DIY salad dressing and vinaigrette

    {Recipe Redux} Herbs de Provence Salad Dressing

    servings: makes about 1 cup--6-8 servings | time: about 10 minutes plus time for letting the ingredients come together

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    3 TBSP. fresh lemon juice

    1 TBSP. Dijon mustard

    1 tsp. coconut sugar

    1/2 tsp. sea salt

    1/4 tsp. white pepper (ground black pepper is fine)

    1 tsp. dried herbs de Provence

    1/4 cup champagne vinegar

    1/2 cup good quality extra virgin olive oil

    2 TBSP. grapeseed oil (optional, it just lightens the dressing a touch)



    1. Place all of the ingredients except the oil in a large bowl. Whisk to combine

    2. Slowly drizzle the oil into the bowl, whisking constantly

    3. Transfer the dressing to a bottle or mason jar and let set for at least 1 hour prior to serving. Store in the refrigerator for up to 1 month

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    6 responses to “{Recipe Redux} Herbs de Provence Salad Dressing”

    1. jill conyers says:

      Herbs de Provence is something I rarely use but this sounds wonderfully delicious. Time to break out the herbs de Provence!

    2. I’m the same way with salad dressings – I can’t remember the last time I bought a bottle version in the store. That said, I get in dressing ruts so always like to see new recipes like this one.

      • People are always so surprised at how easy it is to make homemade dressing….which surprises me! I totally get into ruts, too. My latest is a buttermilk tarragon…so yummy!

    3. Dana says:

      I tend to get lazy and end up drizzling straight up oil and vinegar on my salads, but this looks so easy and I’m sure really elevates the salad. Thanks for sharing!

      • EVOO & vinegar with a little lemon is my straight-up go-to! (truth be told, I rarely have homemade dressing in the fridge in the winter, but I ALWAYS have olive oil, vinegar and lemon). It makes me so happy to see a freshly made bottle of dressing in my fridge door this time of the year 🙂

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