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  • Because Change is a Good Thing!

    Monday, August 5, 2013

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    Hello friends and readers. I have decided to redesign Kindred-Kitchen (which is nearly as much fun as I imagine redesigning my real-life kitchen might be :)). 

    As part of the redesign and relaunch of this blog, I will be introducing more content on healthy living and fitness and will also add some content contributors (you know, “experts” as well as regular folk like you and I) who will offer you all a lot more in the way of great and useful ideas for living a more healthful and vital life. 

    One of the more challenging (and, admittedly, a little scary) parts of the process is renaming the blog. You all might not be aware of this….but it turns out the Kindred Kitchen is a pretty good name and, based on the many variations I have seen emerge on the web over the last couple of years (and the $4000 auction price for the domain name), it’s time to consider a fresh start. 

    I am still working on creating a list of the finalists and hope to have the new name selected and registered in the coming days. I will post updates throughout the process and will let you all know when the new site will launch. 

    Thanks for reading my little blog 🙂


    Because Change is a Good Thing!

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