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    Friday, September 27, 2013

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    When I recently attended the International Food Bloggers Conference (organized and hosted by Foodista) in Seattle WA, I looked forward to learning new tools and techniques to make my blogging (and cooking) better. While I certainly walked away with what I hoped for, I also had the opportunity to reunite with bloggers I’d met at last year’s conference as well as meet some new bloggers who I will be adding to my daily food blog addiction.

    First up, Margaritas in the rain. While I am not a fan of the margarita (I’m more of a beer girl), I am a big fan of Marisa, the mastermind behind the blog. Truth be told, Margaritas in the Rain isn’t really about margaritas. Marisa, like me, is a transplant to the Pacific Northwest (though she arrived by way of Hawaii while I by a slightly colder and somewhat less exotic New Hampshire). While I left behind long winters full of freezing cold and feet of snow, she left behind, well … paradise, for the notoriously rainy and perpetually gray Portland OR. Peruse Marisa’s blog and you’ll find fantastic recipes with creative flair and tropical twists. Her charm comes through in word on screen and even more so in person. Love this girl and her blog!

    Teaberry Creative is the online home for a woman of many talents, Tara Mayberry. Part graphic designer, part photographer, part home cook, part intrepid traveler and part writer, Tara just makes things happen. Like Marisa, I met Tara at the 2012 IFBC conference and couldn’t wait to see her again this year. Although a year had passed, we picked right up where we left off. One of the things I love about Tara’s blog is the pithy titles she gives to her posts. Seriously, how could you not want to read “Peaches, Pecans & Pig Candy…” or “Stuffed house, Filled Cookies”?

    Confession: I actually met Brandie over at Spoon and Saucer through Marisa. So while technically we didn’t meet at the conference, I say that I can tie this all back to IFBC since that’s there I met Marisa. You following me here? I love Brandie’s approach to food: real and simple. I mean really, does real food have to be complicated? If you want to eat more real food, keeping it simple is the best way to make it happen. Brandie’s quick wit is as good as her recipes (and I’m pretty sure she has that magical power that Hermione had in one of the last Harry Power books. You know, the one where she could be in more than one place at once? I am certain that is the only way she can juggle all that she has on her plate!). 

    Transitioning from banking to baking, cooking and picture taking seems a pretty sweet deal. I mean, is there anything more villainous than bankers right now? And, let’s face it, making delicious things is way more satisfying than crunching numbers. Well, maybe not way more for Lisa, who is the the creative force behind SixtyOne 45. I had the good fortune of sitting next to Lisa at the IFBC session with Dorie Greenspan. While I only got to spend about an hour with her, I really could have spent the entire weekend just hanging out with Lisa. She has a friendly easy way about her….like a girlfriend you’re sure you’ve known forever. I was excited to explore her blog as soon as I got home and, oh-my-yummyness, here’s what I found…I mean seriously….: 

    I marvel at people who can bake from their own recipes. This is not an easy thing. Baking is an exact science. There’s no improvisational pinch here or dab there. Baking involves a perfect formula and requires an amount of patience and persistence that I simply do not possess. When I met Vanessa (also at Dorie’s presentation), I felt compelled to share my story of the one time I made a super fancy dessert (a Cuban opera cake). It took me three days and, although it was the most impressive (and perhaps delicious) thing I have ever baked, it was the first (and last) time I had ever thrown myself into anything that daunting in the kitchen. Vanessa is from Spain (the area of Seville–a truly lovely place) and was a teacher before she decided that it was baking that she was called to do. And after checking out her blog, I agree. Her desserts are glorious and her passion is palpable. You owe to yourself to pay a little visit to Sweet Lab

    Gotta admit….already looking forward to next year’s IFBC conference

    ©2013 Kindred-Kitchen / Nancy Granada

    Blog Love

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    2 responses to “Blog Love”

    1. Tara says:

      Great post! Thanks for the mention. 🙂 You had some people on here that I didn’t get to connect with, so I’ll definitely be reading their blogs as well. Take care, and keep in touch!

      • Nancy Granada says:

        🙂 looking forward to seeing you at next year’s conference (though don’t hesitate to reach out if you find yourself in my neighborhood before then!)

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